Lockdown Wanderings

Rediscovering the local ups and downs


We live close to the bottom of Solsbury hill.. yes that’s the one in the Peter Gabriel song. It’s official name is little Solsbury hill. While confined to our local area during the various lockdowns and travel restrictions it became a favourite little amble and clamber onto the trig point. In January this year while … Continue reading “#solsburyhill56”

Where have the days gone

It’s nearly November and I haven’t posted anything for a while. The world is still in deep trouble with the virus with no end in site. Back in the Summer when we could head across the border and back freely we enjoyed a couple of lovely visits with the other halves Brother and Sister in-law … Continue reading “Where have the days gone”

Taking a teeny weeny risk

We’ve been enjoying the local area alot, especially not getting in the car very much, but was really about time we braved the world beyond where our feet could carry us. The conspirators were selected and the scene was set for a gathering. The logic was who had the biggest space both inside and outside … Continue reading “Taking a teeny weeny risk”

It’s all about the trees

We’ve done lots of ups through the Bathampton woods which cover the north side of Claverton Down during our local lockdown inspired wanderings . It’s also the site of an old mine so some of the trees are curled around and over the stone scars left by the mining operations. Some have done a wonderful … Continue reading “It’s all about the trees”

In search of Battlefields

It’s a Sunny day in June and we are allowed to meet up in groups of 6 for some outside adventuring. Socially distanced of course. So where to go .. Claverton Down … check, Banner Down … check, Although not sure I told you about that one yet. Charmy Down … check. So Lansdown it … Continue reading “In search of Battlefields”

Time for a Bottom

The inescapable truth is if there are Downs there must be tops and bottoms so welcome to Chilcombe Bottom. It’s a decommissioned reservoir turned mini nature reserve. I didn’t realise but Bath is surrounded buy hidden reservoirs and this one dates back to the 19th century. You can’t see much of the water as it’s … Continue reading “Time for a Bottom”

Claverton Down

Well apparently Charmy Down is now nationally famous for its illegal raves according to the BBC … So today we can talk about the next one which is probably most famous for hosting the University of Bath in all it’s 70’s architectural monstrosity and the building frenzy that has kept it growing ever since I … Continue reading “Claverton Down”

Exploring the local Downs

Living here for 30+ years you rather take for granted how beautiful the countryside is and don’t take the time to explore it. We’re always working or dashing off to apparently more exotic locations but having been furloughed for almost three weeks now as the bottom has fallen out of the airplane business me and … Continue reading “Exploring the local Downs”

Local Pointy bits on VE Day

Not that pointy or that high but Little Solsbury hill of Peter Gabriel fame was looking lovely covered in buttercups, daisies, clover and dandelion clocks. Got to stay round the edge at the moment as there are Skylarks nesting. Fantastic views of Bath and a lovely sunset and a zoom with locked-down friends while we … Continue reading “Local Pointy bits on VE Day”

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