2 days off and a little bit of up.

I think it is now Day 12 or maybe 13 but not 100% sure…

Dodgy weather and everywhere closed gave us a well earned rest and the arrival of the next Visitors.  So now we are 5.

We fitted in a bit of transceiver practice on the Les Praz golf course. Not sure there is much Golf going on there right now. They’d need different coloured balls for one thing.



After 2 days of relaxing we headed down to Les Houches for some snowy action and our first skinning adventure part way up the Turtle track. All good until the up-ness defeated me .. too fat skis and too thin skins or more practice needed.


Our Friends decided that despite the huge amounts of snow falling from the sky they needed to go ice climbing… Sadly too warm for satisfactory ice. Consolation was had by way of a fun evening out in Chamonix which was the snowiest I have ever seen it.


Having thoroughly tested the snow conditions we lured  them back to Les Houches  today for some through the trees action. Everything else was still more or less shut.

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A fantastic day was had by all ..

More visitors arriving tomorrow and we shall be 9 .. fortunately there is a second apartment, else we may not be friends for long.




Day 5 and still alive … actually all the way up to day 9, including the days of Clive.

We may have to murder the fridge .. it’s the loudest thing in the world. The compressor is probably on its last legs.

In other news …

Day 5 took us to Courmayeur to check out the snow. Apparently we should have braved the 5 out of 5 avalanche rating and gone yesterday, according to Simon Halliwell of Powderama (the worlds best ski instructor) who we bumped into, not literally fortunately, on the slopes.

“You should have been here yesterday! It was the best snow in Europe for 10 years”

Oh well .. Actually it turns out we made a good call as yesterday was the last day of function of the Grand Montets top lift due to …

Storm Eleanor to blame, targeted to be fixed by early feb. Good skinning opportunity so I am told.

We did find some fresh tracks and despite Youla not being open and I provided free lift entertainment for some lucky folk. That’s not me just in case you were wondering. I am the ski on the lift.

To top off the best day we got back in time for some Alpen glow.


Our First Visitor …

Day 6 saw the arrival of our first visitor. We tried to sabotage him by lending him some skis which were not nearly fat enough but after a few tweekings of the DIN settings Clive found his ski legs at the Grand Montets in the Lavancher Bowl.

The lure of Courmeyer was too strong to resist so we travelled the Tunnel du Mont Blanc back to the land of cheep coffee.

20180113 - Cormayeur - Clive Day 2We returned to the scene of the incident which enabled me to join the badkneeclub and fortunately all limbs intact and 2 days in Italy saw 2 fantastic runs round the back from the top of Youla and some fun for Clive on a pair of Whitedot 98s rented from Jim in the Whitedot test centre in Les Praz. 8 or 9 perfect turns in the fluffiest of fluffiests before a suitably spectacular wipeout.

Plus discovered a great place to stay for future visits.


Time for one day at the GM

5 laps of the Italian Bowl with Clive on some rented Dynastar Legends … I think he is now a little bit in love … must be some kind of record.

Two Bochard, five Herse, one Retour Pendant and two Tabe … phew. I have to confess I only did 3 Italians.

20180115 - Grands Montets - Clive Day 4


Home in time for the first time lapse, of many hopefully to mark the end of an amazing few days. Just missed the light on the midi but this one is kind of moody.

Day off on Tuesday and new guests arriving on Wednesday .. we’d better go shopping.

Day 4 … up to our middles at the top of Les Grands Montets.

My turn for Stack of the day. Fortunately I hadn’t travelled too far from my skis.

Displaying slightly more style and panache …


I summarise our itinerary for the Mountain geeks. Up the Plan Jordan (strangely it was deserted). To the Bochard. Warm up down half the Piste then across the mountain to find some fluff. Up the Herse and down skier’s right .. coffee, then up to the top, down the front under the rope, italian bowl, lunch at the picnic spot, Lavancher bowl, home run… Need day off!

OK I got that almost right … here’s the GPS track

20180110 - Grand Montets - Powder Day

And the Dru in all her glory to welcome the evening.



Day 1 and 2 on the slopes

You know that thing called the internet where you can find a wealth of info about Chamonix Mont Blanc lift status, snow conditions, weather and other useful stuff. Well having done endless research into aspects, altitudes and snow pack we still managed to walk to the Flegere lift only to find it was closed due to high wind so wandered back to the flat to get the car. Oops.

Anyway not bad for day one slacking after not leaving until 10:30.

We did get to the top of Brevant for amazing views and even found some mounds of fluffy stuff to stack into.

Today was a first down in Les Houches where we got chased off the mountain due to 140kph winds.

Still found this great outfit. Almost enough to get us to take up Snowboardimg.

Oh the most important development of course Maurice The Mammut has his own instagram hash tag


Day 3 Grand Montet….

And last word for the day is we must have settled in as we now have leftovers in the fridge. #intartiflettewetrust.


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This mountain life .. trying to stay up on the downs and survive the ups.

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