April 2nd – Day 85 blue sky and fresh tracks at the GM

Is there any inch of this mountain we haven’t skied yet?

OK so according to the spaces between the blue that would be a yes.

20180402 - Grands Montets

First things first though with a little morning Dru.


We did our best to fill in a few gaps.

A lap round on the Glacier never fails to disappoint and comes with the bonus of feeling epic going equipped with harness, sling and shiny green ice screw.


Now what to do tomorrow?


Day 84 and a little local wandering

April 1st and the cloud is down to the ground

A well deserved lie in and a little local wandering as didn’t fancy skiing in zero vis.

Pretty incredible it’s April and there is this much snow still at Chamonix town level. The crocuses are doing a fine job of popping out mind you.


The Church in Les Praz and the Dru are looking mighty fine as ever.

And the dodgy old Flegere cable car which is gracing these pictures has been replaced this season (2020) am writing this on March 30th 2020 with a completely new system much like the Plan Joran at the GM. No more crazy queues to get up to the slopes.

I’ll take a few snaps of it’s deserted glory in my next 15mins outing in COVID-19 locked down France and post here. A monster of a building and I can’t quite fathom how I’ve not been up to Flegere or Brevent this season.

The weather is looking much better tomorrow so GM here we come.

Fresh tracks all day in Les Contamines

Day 83 and the promised snow has arrived

The Garden is fluffy and white again.

It snowed

Rather than wait for the GM to be made safe and then brave the busy we headed to Les Contamines.

Blue sky, sunshine and fresh tracks all day. Not bad for the end of March.


Only a handful of days left now as we head into April so we’d better make them action packed.

Day 82 .. into Italy

Ibex hunting

The weather is not up to much today so thought we’d go exploring up one of the Aosta valleys to see what we could see.

So of we set to Valsavarenche apparently one of the most beautiful valleys in the Gran Paradiso National Park. No sign of Ibex and our hope for a bit of walking was dashed due to bucket loads of snow but it was indeed super pretty and the village who shall forever remain nameless was very fine with it’s stone roofs and windy streets.


Found a spooky snowbound dam on the way


Hoping for snow tonight and a blue sky powder day tomorrow.

Day 81. Laps of the hearse

Day 81 and back at the GM.

Day 81 and the 29th March. I am actually writing this on 28th March 2020, 2 years later but in the same location under COVID-19 lockdown.  It’s strange looking back at these pictures not only because there was just so much snow compared to this year but the whole surreal world of social distancing, self isolation and having to fill in a form to self certify you’re going out on sanctioned missions.

Anyway back to 2018 and ….

How many laps of the hearse lift is it possible to do in one day. Probably more than 5 but in our defence we snuck in a loop to the top. Oh those were the days when there was an actual lift.

20180329 - Grands Montets

Got home to signs of spring with this wee fella in our tree.


And of course the Dru including a moonlight encounter.


Check out 

 For the timelapse of the moon over the Dru.

Only a handful of days left of our season back in 2018. Right now in 2020 it looks like we’ll be here a while longer.






Day 80 and off to Les Saisies

Clive of day 5 and beyond fame was in Les Saisies, just down the road with his family and friends so we popped down for a little ski and pizza and spoon balancing.

Great fun in woo wah land with its bumps and twists, tunnels and things to bash.  There is some fun footage of Clive & friends kids but posting will have to wait until some editing is finished. We certainly covered some miles.

20180327 - Les Saisies

Day 81 and back in Chamonix tomorrow.


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