Time for a Bottom

The inescapable truth is if there are Downs there must be tops and bottoms so welcome to Chilcombe Bottom.

It’s a decommissioned reservoir turned mini nature reserve. I didn’t realise but Bath is surrounded buy hidden reservoirs and this one dates back to the 19th century.

You can’t see much of the water as it’s full of bulrushes and quite inaccessible but it is a rather lovely spot and at this time of year (middle of June) it was full of wriggling tadpoles.

Our Route to get there was up and over Solsbury hill

Day 13 .. Pink

Complete with wild Orchids and big fat thistles with little visitors.

Past my favourite footpath sign.

Then along up and over to the bottom

I think the sheep had been up to no good in this Christmas tree plantation

Love the ancient mile marker was clearly a well trodden path 200 years ago.

And more Orchids at the Bottom

Plotting the next Down tomorrow … Lansdown, home of some very fancy Bath architecture and a racecourse and another flipping Golf course.

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