Claverton Down

Well apparently Charmy Down is now nationally famous for its illegal raves according to the BBC … So today we can talk about the next one which is probably most famous for hosting the University of Bath in all it’s 70’s architectural monstrosity and the building frenzy that has kept it growing ever since I graduated from there too many years ago to count.

We recently re-discovered the ancient woodland which climbs up the Bath City side and pops out at Sham Castle.

It seems the well to do residents of Bath in times gone by had a penchant for building pointless edifices either to show off or improve their views.

I have fuzzy memories of summer evenings up here from Student days

We then braved a golf ball to the brain with a dash across the golf course which also occupies the top of the Down and after complaining about the ridiculous waste of a beautiful open space for a privileged few to enjoy had to beg forgiveness as at least they have kept a wild part full of amazing grasses and daisies and other wildflowers.

There are a few different walking routes up here so I expect we’ll be back to explore the woods again.

Today was a quick trip up and down with the return route taking us along the Kennet and Avon canal.


The Swanlings have grown up since our last encounter and Dad has got quite feisty. Well who decides a good place to put the kids down for a nap is on the canal towpath .. honestly!

How many other downs to go?

Oh I also joined a little distracting photo of the day instagram fun courtesy of the Cumbria wildlife trust. A little lockdown exercise & local exploring incentive.


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