Time to Go home. Day 91

We are homeward bound

Well what can I say. The most incredible three months is behind us. Or it was a couple of years ago and I’m now finally putting up the last day.

We made it back to the UK during the virus lockdown as we decided we’d pushed it as far as we could hunkering down in the Alps and it became necessary to head back to the UK.

Been back a week now and it’s nice to be home although the view outside is a lot less pointy. So winding the clock back 2 years and …

70 odd days on skis, 25 visitors .. some of them twice. more than 10,000 photos, a lot of Dru worshiping, around 20 timelapses and a huge improvement in my ability to ski.

We must do it again some time.


A lovely send off from the midi and the moon and cosmic rays over the Dru.

The Poulet glinting in the Sun, Bath were beating Liecester at half time .. don’t ask about the final score and onto eurotunnel we go.


Back to the real world and plotting to do it again some time.

We’ll be back in the Autumn to use the last few days on our season passes then who knows…