Snow days …

Day 53 and errands in Argentiere

Found the next outfit for Steve and wondered about this interesting bit of parking. Busy day …

Day 54

Some wild weather blowing the existing loose snow to new far off locations.

A brief glimpse of blue sky in the evening made for some atmospheric pics of our local pointy bits.

And a the mad wind finally blew all the clouds away to give way to a brilliantly clear night of stars moon bursts and shadows.

How will your garden glow?

Pop back in a few days for a night time moon timelapse.

Snow on the way tomorrow to replace what we lost today.

Days 55 and 56 brought the snow back.

I made some new friends on the Les Praz Golf course on Saturday. Meet Gilbert & Bonkers. Not much golf going on.


Incredibly the skies cleared in the evening of the 2nd March for an amazing Alpen glow show.

Aiguille du Midi
Les Dru

Back on the planks tomorrow …. and anticipation of arrival of next visitors.


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