Day 21 and we are off to Italy.

A week off from Chamonix

You have a season pass for Chamonix so what do you do? Take a week off and go ski somewhere else of course.

There is something pretty special about Gressoney in the Aosta valley, the middle ski area between Champoluc & Alagna.

We left Chamonix in bright sunshine and arrived at our temporary accommodation of a tiny house until our favourite Hotel Anderbatt had enough room for us all.

Imaginative use of slings and carabenas improved the storage solutions.

Sunday tree fun

The trees down from the Prayer flag cafe (sadly no prayer flags any more) didn’t disappoint and we discovered the alternative to the traditional home run “The Bertolini” (proper name Bettolina. A grand day out was had.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apparently it wasn’t epic enough so began the scheming for what will now be known as Malfatta Monday.


Malfatta Monday (day 23) coming soon…




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