Earning the Down from the Grands Montets

Day 17 and the top lift on the GM is still out of action

So to satisfy the quest for something fluffy I was persuaded to skin up. Hmmm..

Starting at the top of the Bochard lift and an epic traverse saw us at the start of the skin a bit further from the Herse lift gearing up for just a short up they tell me.

20180124 - Grands Montets20180124 - Grands Montets - skin info

I can however honestly say it was worth the effort of some truly skilless kick turns on my part to be almost the only people up there and the down was just incredible.

I guess we wont get to see it like that very often so all rather special. Huge thanks to Chris for her endless encouragement to get me round those ruthless 180s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I won’t mention the pair who did 2 laps to our one ….

The end of an epic day with even more friends joining us for Tarteflette tea and of course the Dru.





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