2 days off and a little bit of up.

I think it is now Day 12 or maybe 13 but not 100% sure…

Dodgy weather and everywhere closed gave us a well earned rest and the arrival of the next Visitors.  So now we are 5.

We fitted in a bit of transceiver practice on the Les Praz golf course. Not sure there is much Golf going on there right now. They’d need different coloured balls for one thing.



After 2 days of relaxing we headed down to Les Houches for some snowy action and our first skinning adventure part way up the Turtle track. All good until the up-ness defeated me .. too fat skis and too thin skins or more practice needed.


Our Friends decided that despite the huge amounts of snow falling from the sky they needed to go ice climbing… Sadly too warm for satisfactory ice. Consolation was had by way of a fun evening out in Chamonix which was the snowiest I have ever seen it.


Having thoroughly tested the snow conditions we lured  them back to Les Houches  today for some through the trees action. Everything else was still more or less shut.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A fantastic day was had by all ..

More visitors arriving tomorrow and we shall be 9 .. fortunately there is a second apartment, else we may not be friends for long.




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